Unlicensed Medicines

A responsive and comprehensive unlicensed medicine service healthcare professionals can rely on.

With over ten years experience in sourcing medicines for specific patient needs, Pacific Pharma is the largest supplier of imported unlicensed medicines into hospitals. This has been achieved through the constant innovation of our service and supply chain as well as the consistent application of our key principles of Quality, Value and Trust.

We recognise that the decision to prescribe a patient with an unlicensed medicine places a unique set of responsibilities on the physicians and pharmacists handling the treatment. It is essential that healthcare professionals have all of the relevant product information to hand and are able to rely on the fact that all the appropriate GMP, GDP and regulatory checks have been undertaken throughout the supply chain.
Pacific Pharma’ supply chain is fully validated by our in-house Regulatory team and all of the medicines we source undergo a GMP and GDP pedigree check before we import them into the Swetzerland, UK, USA, Poland, Turkey as well as a rigorous set of quality control checks once we receive them at our central warehouse.

Pacific Pharma understand that the true value of any pharmaceutical supply chain is in getting the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. This is especially challenging and important when dealing with unlicensed medicines because of the additional regulatory compliance required, the international nature of the supply chain and the specific and immediate needs of the patient.
Pacific Pharma unique supply chain and in-house experience built up of the last decade allows us to provide hospitals with a responsive and comprehensive sourcing service whilst also ensuring that all costs are carefully managed to the benefit of our customers.
Every stage of the sourcing and supply of the medicines’ we supply is managed by a dedicated and specialist team. Whether it is the customer liaison, product research, procurement, logistics, regulatory oversight or quality assurance and control, Pacific Pharma have the right people focused on ensuring that our service is responsive, safe and reliable.

Pacific Pharma is a core supplier specialized in the provision of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in an international basis. Established in 2002 with the goal of expanding its service to a global scale. Pacific Pharma is now an integral part of the market and supplying to 73 countries in 5 continents with its robust service network.

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