Comparator Sourcing For Clinical Trials


Comparators are essential to the success of your clinical trial. The sourcing can be time consuming and difficult. Through our extensive experience and procurement expertise, we manage the comparator sourcing part of your trial. We help obtaining the necessary products according to your requirements and offer you the following services:

  • Sourcing of comparator products worldwide
  • Direct access to innovators and approved supply sources
  • Certification of imported comparators through a qualified person
  • Supply of standard of care and rescue medication at attractive prices
  • Local sourcing and supply options for example in Russia, Japan and PRC
  • Intensive research and fast response to your inquiries
  • Providing product information and documentation
  • Monitoring of product availability and follow up on delivery timelines
  • Shipments to final destinations under controlled temperature conditions
  • Import of CTM and comparators into EU
  • High standard quality system, audited and approved by major pharmaceutical companies
  • Maintaining confidentiality for your projects
  • FDA approved warehouse

Pacific Pharma is a core supplier specialized in the provision of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in an international basis. Established in 2002 with the goal of expanding its service to a global scale. Pacific Pharma is now an integral part of the market and supplying to 73 countries in 5 continents with its robust service network.

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